Aches and Pains of Motherhood

Back pain, sore feet, aches and fatigue are commonly experienced in pregnancy. As the baby grows it puts excess stress on your spine causing that aching pain in your lower back…heat pack anyone?! Once bub arrives, there is no time for rest, you are lifting and carrying bub on a daily basis, so the stress on your body extends into the arms, shoulders and neck.

By 6 months your little cherub’s weight has more than doubled. At one year old a they can weigh on average  9-10kg with no sign of slowing down!  All the while you are still lifting and carrying her dozens of times throughout the day, not to mention the days they won’t let you put them down!

All this up, down, up, up, up, down sees you favouring one arm and putting all the stress onto that side of the body. This imbalanced overuse causes postural problems to develop which result in aches and pains throughout the body. Sore feet, headaches, aching and jammed back, stiff neck and tight shoulders are commonly felt.

Being a mother is tough work and can take its toll on your body, that’s why it’s important to take preventative measures to look after yourself. Sam, our remedial massage therapist can identify and target the specific areas to reduce your tension and pain and reach those tight muscles that stretching alone cannot resolve.

Massage has the added benefit of being deeply relaxing can help relieve the everyday stress and fatigue…bonus!

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