Are you Febfasting?

Are you Febfasting?

Febfast started yesterday with people giving their liver and wallets(!!) a rest by going alcohol free for the 28 days of February.  The initiative raises money for Youth Support and Advocacy Service and Family Drug Support programs to help young people and families get their lives back on track.

The liver has many functions and is a very important organ that often gets put under the pump!  The liver is aids in:

  • Clearing the blood of alcohol, drugs and other poisonous substances;
  • Production of bile that clears waste (including cholesterol) and helps with the breakdown of fast and aids digestion;
  • Supporting the immune system – the liver removes bacteria and viruses;
  • Regulating blood clotting.

A sluggish liver can present in many ways – reduced digestion, a constant ‘full’ feeling, blocked up bowels, headaches and some skin conditions.

St Marys Thistle is a widely used herb by naturopaths and herbalists for liver support and regeneration.  This herb has been extensively studied with outstanding results:

  • Has the ability to accelerate and regenerate liver cells after liver damage;
  • At the correct dose can help reduce high cholesterol levels;
  • Is a potent antioxidant;
  • Reduces inflammation throughout the body;
  • Aid in digestive upsets;
  • Supports the immune system by anti-microbial and antiviral actions.

It’s no wonder that this herb is a favourite of ours, we love it so much, it’s a part of our logo!

If you are considering at anytime giving your liver a rest or if you feel a bit sluggish digestive wise, we can tailor a treatment to help you feel better.

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