Be inspired this Spring

If you’ve been paying attention, you will have noticed nature waking up from her winter sleep and bursting into readiness for Spring.spring life coach

Spring brings growth and new life, shining light onto parts of the garden that have been in the dark during the winter months. There’s a buzz and hum of life and energy as bees and other insects get busy with the blossom erupting all around.

We humans seem to get more energetic too.  We start to venture outside and soak up the sun’s warmth in the patches of sunlight that appear. We might start nurturing our garden, pruning dead branches and pulling weeds to make way for new growth.

Inside the home, it’s often a time of spring cleaning; throwing open doors, windows and blinds to let in light and fresh air. Cleaning away any dust that has gathered during winter and packing up blankets and heavy coats that won’t be needed again until next year (always risky for those of us in Melbourne!)

There’s something else you might turn your spring cleaning energy to: You!

  • What if you took the time to shine a light on those ideas, wishes and dreams that you hold within you but haven’t made time or summoned the courage to give life to?
  • What if you committed to personal and individual growth this spring? Could you identify one improvement you would focus on?
  • What about the story you tell yourself? Is it time to give that a dust and polish?
  • What about the energy you create? Can you commit to generating and sharing positive energy with others?
  • What could you bring new life to? A friendship you haven’t been in touch with for a while? A goal or a dream you’ve put on hold?

Action and reflection

This week, carve out some time for reflection. You know by now that you have to create this time. You won’t magically find some time or be able to manufacture an extra hour. Turn the radio off in the car.  Get up a little earlier.  Stop on the way to/from work. Check in to yourself rather than checking in to Facebook. Whatever works for you.

Use the time to look within and listen to what your inner champion has to say.

As you sit with yourself to reflect, notice the following:

  • What’s stirring within?
  • What is bringing energy to you?
  • What is just waiting to burst into life?

During your reflection, take the time to write down some of the insights and reflections that motivate or inspire you.  This is a vital step to success, as the neuroscience tells us that our a-ha moments and ideas can be forgotten within 24 hours if we do not capture or record them somehow.

Enjoy your spring cleaning!


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