Are you Febfasting?

Are you Febfasting?

Febfast started yesterday with people giving their liver and wallets(!!) a rest by going alcohol free for the 28 days of February.  The initiative raises money for Youth Support and Advocacy Service and Family Drug Support programs to help young people and families get their lives back on track.

Still putting up with pain?

Massage is a body treatment in which muscles and other soft tissues of the body are manipulated by the therapist to improve a clients well being. There are many benefits to massage including enhanced blood circulation, relaxing tense muscles, easing…

Considering a detox diet? But which is best?

Spring is less than a month away – time to think about fulfilling some health goals – why not improve your health with a 21 day detox diet?

Like idea of a spring detox diet but feel a bit overwhelmed as to which detox diet is best?  These days the options are endless and choosing the right one can be a big task.

Winter newsletter

Brrr it’s Winter and boy is it cold!  This newsletter we look at the very talented garlic, with new research showing it to be 100 times stronger than two popular antibiotics! We also focus on having correct posture and some…

Nutrient Spotlight – Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and teeth, normal cell growth, regulation of the immune and nervous systems and even can affect fertility.  We normally get sufficient Vitamin D from sun exposure in the summer months but once the…

Supporting the liver during Feb Fast

Congratulations to all those doing Feb Fast. Feb Fast involves individuals having the month of February, off the booze. Apart from feeling healthier, happier and fitter, they are also giving their liver a well earned rest!  This initiative raises money…

This one’s for the boys!

It’s Movember!  Like it or not, this month we see a lot more men sporting or sprouting some distinct facial hair but it’s all for a good cause. Funds raised by these hairy individuals are dedicated to improving and bringing…

Winter Newsletter

Hello, what a miserable day!  Winter is here! Click here for our recent newsletter. Our Winter newsletter looks at: IVF support with Acupuncture Vitamin D deficiency Winter health tips Over the last few weeks we have seen many clients with…

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