Easy Stretches You Can Do At Your Desk

Stiffness within the back, headaches, neck and shoulder tension, poor posture are all too familiar for those who spend a fair chunk of their day at a desk. Here is our action plan to help improve your posture and keep those aches and pains at bay.

  1. For pain and tension across the top of the shoulders. Once in this position, lower the shoulders and push them forward while at the same time raise the elbows making sure to keep the forearms vertical.1-9
  1. Raise one arm above the head and place the palm on the upper back, place the opposite hand on the raised elbow and pull. Add a side bend to take the stretch further. Using the picture as an example you would side bend to the right.


  1. Neck, pull the head over to one side while reaching downward with the opposite arm. Alternatively you can hold onto your chair if you are seated.



  1. Use both hands to pull your head forward and downward, rotate the head slightly left and right to isolate muscles on either side of the spine.


  1. Chest, place the forearm against a doorway at shoulder height, lean forward and turn the body away do feel a stretch across the chest.


Aim to do these stretches 3 times each day to keep you moving freely and pain free.

Download our information sheet HERE with these stretches and place them close to your desk to remind you to do them daily!

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