What does this Lunar New Year hold for your health?

Chinese New Year began last Friday 16th Feb 2018, and it is the year of the earth dog.

Chinese astrology is based on a 60-year cycle, that includes 12 animals, and 5 elements (earth, fire, wood, metal, and water). It analyses how the qi (life force) is focused on the year, and then how each person responds to that life force depending on their own year of birth. For example, the year of the dog is a year where loyalty, social awareness, ethics, justice, and gut health are most important, therefore each person will respond to these events and energies depending on their own year of birth, and animal sign.

year of earth dog

The year of the dog is a good year to focus on your health and making lifestyle changes, as it is a year that you are more likely to act and make changes. So, if you want to eat more healthily, exercise, or get rid of bad habits, this is the year that you will not just plan to do it, but will take action to do it.

With regards to health, this year will be specifically focus on earth energy which is related to the stomach, spleen, and overall digestion, therefore be mindful of your gut health. It is the year to focus on what food and drinks you consume to better health, however on the downside it will be easier to put weight on this year.

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