Sometimes it’s not just as easy as taking a tablet!

When it comes to breaking down and absorbing our nutrients and minerals from food and supplements, there are factors that may be reducing optimal absorption. Here we look closer at calcium absorption.

Our stomach acid breaks down calcium for it to be absorbed in the small intestines. But for absorption to occur, it is mostly dependent on sufficient vitamin D levels to actively transport calcium into the body.

Factors that may affect calcium absorption are:

  • Vitamin D deficiency;
  • Certain medications that reduce the amount of acid in our stomach or change the pH of the stomach to alkaline;
  • High stress – can reduce stomach acid production;
  • Any condition or inflammation within the small intestines i.e. Celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, intestinal cancer, intestinal obstruction and irritable bowel syndrome;
  • Any dysfunction within the parathyroid glands – they secrete the hormones that balance calcium levels;
  • Excess consumption of phosphorus, found in soft drinks, processed foods and meals.

You can visit our naturopath to help determine if one or more of the following factors may be affecting your calcium absorption.

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