Surviving The Silly Season

surviving Christmas

It’s mid December and so far we have had dance concerts, kinder graduations, Christmas parties, school performances, sport presentations, the list is endless.  There is also battling the crowds while shopping for presents and trying to tie everything up before the year finishes.  It’s no wonder by the time Christmas day arrives we are all so exhausted!

Our team recently sat down and spoke about ways we can make surviving the silly season that little bit easier.

Sam recommends following this simple exercise to help get you centred and keep you on track when feeling overwhelmed:

  1. Check out: simply by closing your eyes, and turning your attention towards your breathing will shut out some of the external environment so you can focus inward.
  2. Count to ten while focusing on the breath. As you breathe in count one in your head, and as you breathe out count two, and so on until you reach ten.
  3. See if you can get to ten without getting distracted by any thoughts (it’s really hard, but don’t worry). When you have a thought or emotion come up, just acknowledge it and return to counting your breaths.

Try not to get frustrated when thoughts or emotions come up, they are inevitable. Part of the exercise is to just experience them passively, noticing them, being okay with them, and letting them go.

This can be a daily practice or something you can do when you feel yourself getting off track or being un-centered. Remember the three steps: check out; count breaths to ten; experience thoughts passively and return to the breath.

Katrina has shared with us a video from her Thrive! online course with the technique of Breathe, Label and re-appraise.  This is perfect for when you can feel tension rising and feelings of overwhelm.

If you want to learn more about Katrina’s online course, Thrive! – CLICK HERE

Karolina has a few tips to help you through this season:

  • Break down your tasks, and start early. When you break your tasks into smaller manageable chunks, it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.  Also try and start shopping and catching up with friends in November, that way you miss all the big crowds at the shopping centres, and won’t feel so rushed by Christmas Eve.
  • Eat right and drink lots of water when possible. Start the day with a hot water, lemon, and honey to begin the detox process.
  • Rest. Try and be in bed and asleep by 11pm to allow the body to detox.
  • Exercise. Alternate your exercise routine with high and low intensity exercises such as yoga, tai chi, martial arts, walking.
  • Talk to someone. Schedule time to see a close friend and talk through everything that is happening for you.
  • Learn to say no. Not so easy to do, but this is the time to prioritise what functions and activities are important to you, and what you can miss. Alternatively schedule some of your catch ups in January, when things have slowed down a bit.

Acupuncture! It is a great way to assist in improving sleep, reducing stress, anxiety, and calming the mind. It will also restore the body’s energy back to harmony and wellness

Chantelle focuses on easing the burden we place on our liver and digestive system during this time:

  • B Vitamins help the body metabolise alcohol and help with an energy boost the day after the night before……
  • Keeping hydrated – have one glass of water for every alcoholic drink
  • St Mary’s thistle – is a herb that has been clinically proven to protect the liver from damage caused by alcohol
  • Aim for 3-4 alcohol free days each week

Hopefully by taking on a few of these tips, you can get through to 2018 not feeling too overwhelmed.

If you hope to kick start your health in 2018, please consider our clinic.   No-one is more committed to helping you improve your health than our team of experienced and dedicated practitioners.  We are with you every step of the way, offering all the support you need.

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