Our clinic has a strong focus on women’s health and our practitioners are well experienced in treating a range of conditions. They have a great track record helping people feel well again!

We can help you:

Increase your energy – actually wake up ready to take on the day and no more 3.30itis

Reduce hot flushes – stop peeling of the layers of clothes during the day and actually sleep through the night without being woken by a hot flush

Reduce bloating and discomfort after meals – no more embarrassing wind and loud gurgling noises.

Regulate thyroid hormone levels for an underactive or overactive thyroid gland

Sleep better!  Laying there for ages? Fall asleep quicker and stay asleep resulting in sanity and energy the next day

Hormonal balance – Don’t dread the week leading up to your period with irritable moods and PMS. Regulate your cycle, reduce period pain and get a grip on your hormones.

Reduce stress and anxiety by allowing the body to identify and cope with stressful

Increase Immunity – recurrent infections, sinusitis, tonsillitis

Identify food intolerances and formulate a sensible diet to avoid triggers

Achievable weight loss through sensible diet and exercise

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